Sign Making Parties!


Design Options:

How does it work? 

  • Schedule a date with KOKO
  • Invite a group of friends to your home, office, or other location that you choose (6  minimum required - 20 maximum)
  • Provide your friends with a link to the Sign Party Design Options so that they can pick their design and pay KOKO directly ($40+ tax per person)
  • Provide wine and snacks or better yet, have everyone bring something!  (If party is taking place in a restaurant or pub, guests can purchase their own food and drink directly from the location).


What We Do!             

  • Follow up with all of your friends to confirm sign selection and payment 
  • Prep wood, cut custom stencils, and bring paint, brushes, aprons, and everything else needed to create a beautiful sign (folding tables can also be brought by request)
  • Guide everyone through the sign making process


How much time will it take?

Plan on 2 hours from start to finish for the sign making (this allows some wine and snack breaks too!)


Cancellations and Other Policies

The cut off to select your stencils and pay is 2 days prior to the party date.  This ensures that we have enough time to prepare both your wood and the stencils for the party.  Debit and major Credit Cards are accepted.


No Shows

Once paid, our events are non-refundable however we understand life happens!  If a guest has to cancel less than 2 days prior to the party, we will make their chosen sign for them and leave it with the host to give to them.  In the case of a public venue party (i.e. in a restaurant) a voucher will be given so that the guest can attend a future event.


Are you a restaurant, brewery, hotel, or other local business interested in having KOKO  in for a sign making event?

We'd love to partner with you!  Sign Making parties are a fun and unique alternative to the ever popular art nights happening across the country and a great way to bring people to your establishment.  We have held sign parties at wineries, offices, retail stores, and homes.  We love our local businesses, please email for more details or call us at 808.990.3111